5IR art week

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27 Responses to 5IR art week

  1. Anzu says:

    I enjoyed and was interested in cross stitching.

  2. Hoda says:

    I liked the cross stiching the most

  3. Hoda says:

    I liked the cross stiching the most.

  4. Hoda says:

    I liked cross stiching the most

  5. Daisy says:

    Sounds Fun!!!!!

  6. Hoda says:

    I wish arts week was more than a week

  7. Emily charlotte says:

    I really loved arts week it was so fun i loved the cross stitching hope we can do it again !!!!!

  8. Momo Miyata says:

    I love cross stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anais says:

    i love the silloetes
    they are so fun!

  10. Abla says:

    I loved the cross stiching and the printing.

  11. Seiichi Homma says:

    Siloetes are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Imaan says:

    I love the cross stiching.

  13. Haruya Aso says:

    Sonds fun!!!!!I like drawing the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anzu soga says:

    I was very happy when i did the print because it was really hard and it was fun

  15. Abla says:

    i am loving art week i enjoyed printing

  16. Leo says:

    I like arts week because you get to do art.

    • Tetta says:

      I can’t wait for the next Art Week because we didn’t have to do any other work. Also, I love art, especially the cross stitching which we did last term.

  17. Etana says:

    I loved arts week! and I hope we can do art more often.

  18. wiktoria says:

    I think that the cross stiching was the best

  19. zakaria says:

    The best thing was cross stiching because once you get to know how to do its really fun!

  20. Art week says:

    I liked every thing in the art week but, I liked the drawing of the William Morris the best.

  21. Ayami says:

    I liked the drawing

  22. Meda says:

    i liked drawing the William Moris design most

  23. diya says:

    i tried cross stitching and actually it was quite fun and also if you do try silloettes make sure it is ACCURATE due to the fact it might not turn out right:)

  24. Ritsuki M says:

    This picture is nice and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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