poisenous gas

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12 Responses to poisenous gas

  1. 1e409 says:

    This is a very powerful Kenning – well done Hugo.
    I like the picture too!

  2. b2a97 says:

    Sorry ,but i like this program

  3. b2a97 says:

    What r u doin’?

  4. e7fd9 says:

    hello hugo.F it is me saher! we are blogging guinea-pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do like your poem.

  5. b2a97 says:

    you should do some more poems

  6. b2a97 says:

    I’m not a guinea pig i’m a hamster,

  7. e7fd9 says:

    hello blogging hamter

  8. DA91D says:

    Hi Hugo, this is Faisal. I read this poem and wondered if you were a real poet. It’s great!!! 🙂

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